For the purpose of the series, no spoilers on what the Wounded Wretch could have done will be mentioned on this article.

Wounded wretch by MachineParts

The Wounded Wretch by MachineParts

The Wounded Wretch is a fertile mother of gods, mutilated and unable to conceive. She has three sets of pendulous breasts. Her belly and thighs are a mess of scar tissue and rings like rope burn decorate her calves, ankles and wrists. Despite being the mother of gods, the maddening thing she is gestating inside the Womb is no god. She longs to have someone become one of her wombs. [1]

The Wounded Wretch is a character made by Logan of The Last Grimoire[2].

Trivia Edit

  • In the events of Episode 3, Juliette Grabatul suckled on the top left nipple of the Wounded Wretch resulting in Juliette being impregnated.
  • In the events of Episode 10, The Wounded Wretch resurrected one of her children from a dying womb. Those who witnessed this event were forever changed.

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Wounded wretch by saltstachio

The Wounded Wretch by saltstachio