The Harllud Barrows
Harllud barrows by putridcheese
Harllud Barrows by Putridcheese
Terrain Crater
Dangers Lairs, Dusty Haze
  • (Center) Giant black stone spire
  • (NE) Shrine to Wrosta, lord of the Fall

A enormous depression in the land covered with clay dust and containing several barrows of varying sizes. There is a large stone protruding out of every barrow mound. A giant black stone spire, with a gaping mouth at its base, adorns the largest of the barrows. Those that wander into the crater and lose their way are swallowed up by the wraiths that serve the barrows. The area is best avoided, especially near dark and can be treacherous during the day due to a dusty haze in the air.

Ghost mushroom, a useful psychedelic drug component, grow out of the mounds.

In the northeastern section of the barrows there is a shrine to Wrosta, lord of the Fall. Dry blood stains the altar and at its feet grates hint at an underground section still unexplored. Be warned if you perform a sacrifice all you achieve will be a wasting disease.

In a crevice bordering the barrows, a small pack of worgs has made their lair (three were spotted). They hunt out in the Central Elin Plain.