The major temple of Viriskali, which is dedicated to Hverra, sometimes shortened to "Verra". Hverra is the goddess of borders and protector of towns. Her temple's presence provides peace of mind for the citizens of Viriskali, who wish to ignore the dangers of the nearby wilderness. The goddess herself along with her followers were rumored to be instrumental in fortifying the town in times past, and are believed to be the reason Viriskali stands as a safe haven to this day.


  • Elleth Salte is a priestess at the Temple of the Border Wall. She provides a means for adventurers to buy potions.
  • Galanor is an elven scrivener hired by Elleth.

Records and TextEdit

There is a scroll from the store room for where records and ancient texts are kept, with quick information on the basilisk god, Lasera. He is a vengeful god that would bestow great power upon the wyrms of the forest. The scroll also describes there being a common form of worship, whereby a hunter seeks out the wyrm, and in turn becomes prey themselves.


Its walls are of carved and decorated cobblestone, where tapestries displaying a bright red crosswise divide between black and green are festooned, symbolizing the dichotomy of civilization and nature. The inside of the temple has low, stone walls that can hold a limit of roughly thirty people, and pews made of stone rather than wood.