Pyrrhinor map from stream
Map of Pyrrhinor drawn by Steven in Roll20.
Size Big
Type City
Location Far to the west
Region Unknown
Population Unknown
Citizens Ellanus, Dina, Basil, Wazza, Loranth

Pyrrhinor is a city located in the mountains far to the west, known for its great black towers and "The Hand of Pyrrhinor" - a great hand that during the sunset casts it's shadow hundreds of miles east. Pyrrhinor is build up the side of the mountains, without any apparent order. The city is full of tunnels through the rock, rope bridges over chasm and houses looking like they could fall down at any moment. Outside the cities black stone basalt walls and great black wooden gates there are a great area of slums and farms.

The city is home to mostly humans, but there is a small non-human population (approximately 15 percent). Many of the residents are students, often carrying piles of books or thick reading glasses.

Pyrrhinor was founded as a religious mission by a group of priests. Even to this day the city only worships the single nameless god of the black deaths beneath the mountains.

Notable citizens Edit

  • Ellanus, leader of one of the thieves guilds.
  • Wazza, redhead student and a crush of Darius.
  • Two men with knowledge about dragons.
    • Loranth in the garden district.
    • Lord Charles Emansoprex, the lord of five heavens, in the palace of a thousand rooms.

Notable features Edit

  • Many diverse districts, for example:
    • The palace of a thousand rooms, a monolithic megastructure, built from hundreds of gothic buildings sealed together by newer construction. This district is home to many nobles and upper class citizens.
    • The University district, with strange sounds and smells of distant experiments. The most prominent building is a massive crooked tower that has been rebuilt multiple times and is leaning out over the other buildings.
    • The district of gardens
    • The carnival district, with many brightly colored tents selling strange goods, ceremonial sword fights and big crowds watching.
    • Shrikes landing, with images of drowning men on all walls.
  • A rumored portal that can be tuned to Viriskali.

Past events Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The city, with many diverse districts and wierd customs, is similar to the city of Nimmorgeist, from Misscliks D&D Nimmorgeist. Misscliks D&D Nimmorgeist was a 24 episode campaign run by Steven for Misscliks, filmed live around a table during two days in January 2015.

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