Ny'enth is the god of Pyrrhinor. He is the single nameless god of the black deaths beneath the mountains, worshiped by the city.

His priests and acolytes have their base of operations in a great Cathedral. The Cathedral of Ny'enth is a hulking mass of natural stone, unwrought but nevertheless formed in resemblance of a Gothic cathedral. Natural symmetry and fate has made natural windows and towers. On the side of the building flows of melted stone form columns and arches on the walls. The building looks like it has been melted and twisted, organic but simultaneously made of stone. Inside the cathedral the vast raw stone hall gently slopes down to a great abyss. The walls and ceilings are painted and engraved in great detail with deep blue and gold.

Past Events Edit

  • An aspekt of Ny'enth, together with a group of acolytes appeared in episode 37.

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