On their journeys, the adventurers of the West Marches have frequented upon a few magic items that they keep and wield against increasingly powerful foes. In addition to the healing potions available in town, these magic items and artifacts are the only known items of power in the West Marches.

Owned Items Edit

Ownded Scrolls Edit

  • Scroll of Banishment (4th-level abjuration) - Held by Poe since week 24
  • Scroll of Control water- Held by Doctor Grigori Petrovich since week 35
  • Scroll of Maelstorm - Held by Tily since week 35
  • Scroll of Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere - Held by Tily since week 35
  • Scroll of Teleportation Circle (5th-level conjuration) - Held by Poe since week 23

Rumoured/Known Items Edit

  • Urn of Everproducing Water - Was on a giant tusk in the middle of a lake on the Central Elin Plain, is now owned by the alchemist Baldred since week 28.
  • Spear of Reverent Wouding - Rumoured to reside within the Chalceon Tomb of Azamreth.
  • Quiver with bottomless pocket - rumored to reside somewhere in Pyrrhinor, mentioned during week 36.

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