Lucas Baker
Lucas baker color by markatron2k

by Markatron2k

Human Warlock
Level 2 ❤ 9 HP    ★ 12 AC
Strength 9 (-1)
Dexterity 13 (+1)
Constitution 11
Intelligence 15 (+2)
Wisdom 14 (+2)
Charisma 19 (+4)
Meta Knowledge
Player Dodger
Episodes 13

Lucas Baker is a tall, fairly tanned young man, with curly black hair.

Equipment Edit

Carries a book and crystal balls.

A fancy elven cloak, dyed purple, woven from spider-silk. Bought in Flederhind. (Episode 13)

Traits Edit

Looking at the corner of one's eye, Lucas appears even younger and much smaller.

Lucas cannot fathom to eat rabbit meat, for he sees dead rabbits watching him, even when they are skinned or cut in pieces.

Notable Achievements Edit

Unhelpful hand - During a fight, used Mage Hand to move a unused Bow and quiver into a river, helping nobody.

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Fan Art Edit

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