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Lak'Tuk "Pain"
Pain by MarikBentusi

Pain by MarikBentusi

Half-Orc Barbarian
Level 2 ❤ 26 HP    ★ 12 AC
Strength 19(+4)
Dexterity 12(+1)
Constitution 12(+1)
Intelligence 5(-3)
Wisdom 10(+0)
Charisma 4(-3)
Meta Knowledge
Player Ezekiel III
Episodes 25, 26

Description Edit

Pain is a very muscular Half-Orc and is estimated to be around 7 feet tall, he has grey-ish skin and is bald. He is probably about 16 years old.

Background Edit

When pain was around 6 years old his tribe was wiped out by a group of people including Esme's parents. As the sole survivor, Pain was taken in as a slave by Esme's family. For years Pain was trained as a bodyguard and 'attack dog' until one day Pain's owners were killed in a freak accident. Knowing no other way-of-life, Pain figured that, since his masters were now dead, ownership of him should pass to Esme. Pain now follows every command Esme gives and refers to her as 'master'.

Equipment Edit

  • He carries the 25lbs Maul, Anguish (Gar`mak).
  • He wears slave clothes (no armor) and a backpack with supplies

Adventures Edit

Notable Achievements Edit

  • Death Defied - Pain has been KO'd twice and rose back up both times with one hit point after rolling a critical success (Episodes 25 and 26).
  • Frog Belcher - Managed to throw up a grand total of four frogs after being covered in the guts of a much larger frog. The last of these frogs had translucent skin, gemstones for eyes, and was made of gold and gemstones on the inside (Episode 26).
  • Croaked - Attempted to smash the valuable frog only to deal it one point of damage, and be knocked unconscious by magical feedback (Episode 26).
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