Lair of the serpents
Size Small
Type Lizard lair
Location South of Viriskali
Region South Elin Plain
Population Small
Citizens Tiqreti, Grief, Death and Blood.
Tribute to the serpents by markwester

Galahan presenting a tribute to the Serpent of Death (white), while the Serpents of Grief (black) and Blood (red) look on.  Art by MarkWester

The Lair of the serpents is the home of the Serpents of Woe. Located in an hilly region south of Viriskali, the area is filled with small hot springs steaming with hot water. The sulfurous smell of the hot springs can be smelled from far away. Steam from the hot springs keeps the area foggy and comfortably warm, even during the winter.

Living in the area is, in addition to the serpents and their triceratops gatekeeper, are a great number of great lizards and lizardmen. There also seems to be other lizardlike creatures like great snakes and crocodiles - all living in peace with each other.

Notable citizens Edit

  • The serpents of Grief, Death and Blood.
  • Tiqreti the triceratops, the gatekeeper of the lair.

Notable features Edit

  • Three great hot springs, one for each serpent.

Past events Edit

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