Size Village
Type Human mud hut farming village
Location South East
Region Azamreth
Population 200
Citizens Humans
Kulii'Kan is a little village in Azamreth. The inhabitants are poor farmers trying to survive in the region. It is located in the South East of Azamreth.

Citizens Edit

  • Mila, the village leader, a woman in white robes.
  • Echef Nero, village guard, dragon hater and leader of the Falcons.

Features Edit

  • The village is a cluster of mud-igloos
  • There are a couple hot springs in the area.

Past Events Edit

  • The protagonists arrived at the village, asking for directions to the horrifying brass dragon. They get warned and the party shouts and threatens. A natural 20 on the Leaders willpower test forces them out of the village, deciding that mowing down the whole village is not worth their time. (Episode 23)

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