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Kraolin Frall
Kraolin by MarikBentusi

Kraolin by MarikBentus

Human Wizard
Level 1 ❤ 8 HP    ★ 12 AC
Strength 12(+1)
Dexterity 15(+2)
Constitution 16(+3)
Intelligence 18(+4)
Wisdom 15(+2)
Charisma 14(+2)
Meta Knowledge
Player CohhCarnage
Episodes 25, 26

Description Edit

Older male wizard who is polite with a slow voice and dislikes narcissim, barely speaks, Described as a cross between Gandalf and The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

Background Edit

Hermit wizard living at a mischievous community, south-southwest of Viriskali, called Sar'howl.  He was sent out on a 6 month expedition to get supplies and establish trade routes for this community.

Equipment Edit

Adventures Edit

Notable Achievements Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Was nicknamed 'Banedolf' by his fellow players when his character was first introduced
  • Missing in Action: Last seen in a goblin cave affected by Hexia's cursed item. Only know survivor of the group: Tilly.
  • Victim of the Curse of the 3 best rolled characters: with his lowest stat being strength (12), his highest at 18(INT) and total of added characteristics sum of 90, Kraolin is one of the best stated player character in the game. So of course, he went MIA at LVL 1. Cypress (total 88) and Maldrick (total 88) had the decency of gloriously dying at this level.
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