Juliette Grabatul
Juliette grabatul by putridcheese

by Putridcheese

Half-Orc Barbarian
Level 2 ❤ 27 HP    ★ 13 AC
Strength 17 (+3)
Dexterity 13 (+1)
Constitution 15 (+2)
Intelligence 8 (-1)
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Charisma 10
Meta Knowledge
Player Dodger a.k.a. Dexbonus
Episodes 3, 4, 9, 10
Death by Gibbering Mouther
Combat Statistics
52 Blows 72 Wounds
2 Kills 6 times KO'ed
38.5% Hit 40% Dodge
Initiative (avg.)
2 weeks
More Statistics

Juliette Grabatul was 6' 3" and of a large muscular build. Her skin was of a faint green color, though her most defined Orcish trait was the small tusks protruding from her bottom row of teeth. She dressed provocatively, and had adjusted her speech patterns over time to reflect the tone of a carefree high society lady aka: a rich valley girl.


Juliette Grabatul, daughter of Batul Grabula and Sven Pegason, was an half-orc with big dreams. Raised by her Orcish mother, Juliette had lived the life of the slums, often sneaking into human stables and houses to observe the life of elite children her own age. As she grew, her body remained the height of a moderately tall human but her strength and muscular build was something to be marveled. Despite the praise from members of the Orc community, her clothing became more and more conservative, attempting to cover her so-called "mannish" arms and legs in an attempt to still seem desirable and feminine.

Unfortunately, as her body grew more and more, her temper grew to match it and the innocent teenage years wrought with insecurities seemed to vanish in the wake of brutish confidence. At the age of 17, her attempts to woo a young man were cut short when he absently mocked her teeth, gaining him a beating that left him deaf in one ear and gaining her a reputation.

Realizing she would never get the respect she deserved, she joined a mercenary group as a bodyguard, determined to find someone who would see her potential as a young woman of society.

Notable Achievements Edit

  • Keeps coming back to life and never dying.
  • Stole a book about fashion written by Lady Charlemagne, from the Viriskali Library.
  • Suckled the nipple of The Wounded Wretch and got pregnant.
  • Baby's name was Crendor and was due mid-late February (impregnated in May)[1].
  • According to Hilda Hildaguard, Juliette vomited maggots with crying little baby faces after drinking her tea.
  • Hid the fact she got pregnant unnaturally by claiming that Kurthak Ironjaw was her baby's daddy.

Quotes Edit

Spoilers for Episode 10.

  • Hers was the first death of a multi-session character. All other deaths had been on their first session.
  • In Week 10 of West Marches, Juliette Grabatul was devoured by a Gibbering Mouther and its friend.
  • The Party is over.

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