Hack Attack is a show where hosts GM Steven "Silent0siris" Lumpkin and Adam Koebel discuss, change and improve the rules of the West Marches and other RollPlay shows. Since the theme of standard 5e D&D and the West Marches are very different, the rules need to be modified to better suit this theme. In general this means rewarding players for exploring, using creative solutions and revealing their pasts.

Each episode has a specific theme (inspiration, downtime, etc) and usually some of the changes discussed are implemented in one of the next few sessions. The show air very irregularly over at Adams channel.

List of episodes Edit

Check out the youtube playlist

Ep. Show. Theme Airing date Youtube link
1 West Marches General discussion: How does 5e help? How does it hinder? Mar 26, 2015 Part 1
Part 2
2 West Marches General discussion: Backgrounds, Inspiration Apr 3, 2015 Part 1
Part 2
3 West Marches General discussion: Inspiration, Backgrounds, Experience, Improve Viriskali Apr 10, 2015 Part 1
Part 2
4 West Marches How does the inspiration rules work? How can Stars Without Number faction system be ported to WM? Jun 13, 2015 Part 1
Part 2
5 West Marches How the game can help us track characters when they are not playing? Jun 20, 2015 Part 1
Part 2
6 Mirrorshades How can ShadowRun be modified to better suit the style of Mirrorshades? Jun 20, 2015 Part 1
Part 2
7 Balance of Power We need a system to manage the Balance for the new RollPlay show, Balance of Power! Jun 20, 2015 Part 1
Part 2
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