Gilly Tosscobble
The west marches by sebastianhenke

The OTPK; from left to right; Sir Douglas, Gilly Tosscobble, Clara Clericson, Lady Charlemagne.

Elf Bard
Level 1 ❤ 9 HP    ★ 14 AC
Strength 8 (-1)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 13 (+1)
Intelligence 13 (+1)
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15 (+2)
Meta Knowledge
Player Strippin
Death by Specter on Ep. 2


When she was only a babe, Gilly Tosscobble was found and raised by a nice halfling family. Being raised by halflings, she behaves like one and tells people she is one. Amongst her friends, she is often described as "tall" and easy-going, and although jovial in nature, may deliver witty remarks. Growing up in the hamlet has made her naive, and clueless about the outside world.

Her errant misadventures at home brought something to light, often hitting her head against the ceiling beams and causing much chaos, she and her family soon decided it was time for her to leave and find her calling. Her path along the way evoked a passion for song, excelling in bardic skills using limericks, which in her travels, often paid for her lodgings and meals.

Gilly was last seen leaving town with a band of adventurers heading towards an area known as the Harllud Barrows - a forsaken and dangerous place that none had traversed and lived to tell the tale.

Shortly after Gilly's disappearance, a monk named Kurthak Ironjaw appeared in town claiming to be a bodyguard searching for Taratiel Aeralond, heiress to the Elven Throne of the Aeralond Empire south-east the Kingdom of Loriene. Kurthak believed Gilly to be the heiress, concealing her true identity. As time passed, Captain Koke arrived, searching for a missing princess.

Equipment: Longsword, backpack, belt pouch, flute, lyre, a costume and some parchment.


Gilly sported the usual halfling clothes. Those of which appear paltry to others, but would forever be adorned by her carefree, gifted self unto the end.

Notable AchievementsEdit

  • Discorporated two specters from the spire at the Harllud Barrows.
  • Critically saved from a TPK
  • Dropped numerous sick limericks


Dancing Lights,

The way ahead is so black
I feel we wont find our way back
So illuminate the way,
let us see like its day,
and then we can see what we whack

Little Lyre,

Little lyre I'm so sad you're dead
You helped me find coin and a bed
I made a mistake,
and now my heart aches,
I'll have to use my flute instead

Fairy Fire,

Soul who I admire
In a timeless dire
Cast this fairy fire
and save us from the ire

Thunder Wave,

My fingers are feeling quite static
The foe ahead is erratic
So here comes the thunder,
to tear foes asunder,
if not it will be problematic

Whispered Illusion,

Before you is an illusion
I made it to cause confusion
You think you see me,
but what you don't see
is that I've disengaged with illusion


  • One of the only player characters to never make it past the initial session.
  • Gilly's origins, whether inspired by it or not, has certain similarities with the famous comedy film, Elf.
  • Little is known of what happened prior to her introduction into the half-ling family, or even if she was from a half-ling family at all

Spoilers for Episode 2.

  • Gilly Tosscobble was killed along with the rest of her party when they fought with specters that were encountered in the Harllud Barrows
  • Gilly crit her death saving throw and came very close to killing the remain specter and saving her party

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