Frelkas tavern by markwester-d9dwnuw

Frelkas tavern by MarkWester

An infamous tavern of ill-repute and a gathering place for social outcasts seeking riches, social status or adventure in the wild frontier of the West Marches. The bar is run by Frelka a wised former adventurer who enjoys a good story and is sympathetic to those of his ilk. Many an adventurer has stayed the night and in the past those that gathered carved maps and notes of the surrounding wilds in the large oak table. One night, a particularly violent bar fight shattered the table and its remains later became firewood for the harsh winter. New adventurers once again take up the tradition carving into the table's successor.

Frelka is currently looking to hire a group of adventures to track down a missing shipment of specialty gin.

Frelka is a 110 year old half elf and part fae for these reasons he tends to attract social outcasts and adventures [1]

A forgotten memorial wall has seen new use, honoring fallen adventurers.

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