Flederhind by markwester
Flederhind by MarkWester
Size Small
Type Elven Town
Location ~3 days NE from Viriskali
Region Starkwald
Population 30 homes
Citizens Mathrondir, Alalmos, Galabriet and Selladil

Flederhind is an Elven village located in the Starkwald. It is around 2 and a half to 3 days from Viriskali.

A small town with about 30 homes. Each home is distinguished from simple trees by the carved doors in the tree trunk. There are few children in town (perhaps none). The population ranges from condescending racists to ignorant racists. When speaking, elves defer first to non-humans.

Notable citizens Edit

  • Guard Mathrondir, gatekeeper, one of the original town founders, along with Alalmos, 200 years ago.
  • Herbalist Alalmos, only known source of a purifying water elixir (necessary to the town's survival).
  • Druid Galabriet, tender of gardens and opposed to Alalmos.
  • Tailor Selladil, has clothes woven from spider-silk, herder of dyed spiders.

Past Events Edit

  • Shaldrick, Kurthak, Kellan, and Juliette were tasked to find this village for the recipe of a lesser restoration potion to cure leprosy.
  • Kellan was also tasked to find a group of elves in this village by his father.
  • Dr. Grigori, Lucas, Shaldrick and Varani were the first to reach this settlement. Stroke a deal with a druid, a cure for leprosy in exchange for "handling" the alchemist's return.

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