Esme by MarikBentusi


Tiefling Warlock
Age 9
Level 2 ❤ 13 HP    ★ 12 AC
Strength 5(-1)
Dexterity 12(+1)
Constitution 13(+1)
Intelligence 9(-1)
Wisdom 9(-1)
Charisma 18(+4)
Meta Knowledge
Player Strippin
Episodes 25, 26

Description Edit

About 4 foot tall, slim, 9 year old female Tiefling warlock with jet black waist length hair, fair colored skin with a pinkish hue, flesh colored ram horns and a tail

Background Edit

From a line of warlocks that patron to Archfeys. At age seven someone tampered with her ritual resulting in her patroning to a Great Old One and the altered ritual resulted in the death of her parents. With her parent's death their half-orc boy ( Pain ) slave was passed to her making her his new master. The two of them wander the lands together looking for money, fun, and adventure with Pain acting as her body guard. Typically travels on Pain's shoulder or in his backpack (kind of a Master Blaster thing going on).

Equipment Edit

  • Adult size cloak with torn at the bottom to fit her small stature

Adventures Edit

Notable Achievements Edit

  • Death's Stare - Barely survived a sure to be Total Party Wipe. Facing Death, staring it in the eyes, Pain pulled her soul back to the land of the living.

Fan Art Edit

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