An audience by markwester-d9ue31o

An Audience by Mark Wester

Tribute to the serpents by markwester

Galahan presenting a Tribute to the Serpents of Grief (black), Death (white), and Blood (red).

Three Serpents facing the Party Episode 11

Three serpents by captnradon

Death is one of the three serpents who reside in the hot springs. He is said to have power over death.

He declared the price for ShialBaz's resurrection: an Ascendant residing in The Ziggurat. The trade was made, and ShialBaz returned to this world. Cpt. Koke, a man surrounded by death, offered his servitude in "gratitude" for his friends return, the great serpent accepted and bound Koke to his pact.

Deaths maw

Koke leading Mira To the Feigning Jaws of Death, backed by Darius's assurances that her feast lay just within.

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