Steven has modified D&D 5th Edition in multiple ways to better suit the setting of the West Marches. This page contains an overview of the changes. Some of the following rules are changes to existing rules in D&D and some are completely new.

See also Hack Attack, the show where many of these rules where developed.

General rules Edit

See also The Rules.

While the world is persistent, each session in self-contained. The party always start in the safe city of Viriskali, go out on an adventure and return home. If the party are still out in the wild when the session ends, they are presumed to have returned off-screen and will need to start from Viriskali again next session. Note: Steven is known to frequently make exceptions to these rules.

Major Quests and Adventuring Motivation (used from episode 29) Edit

See also Major Quests and Adventuring Motivation.

Each character can choose a Major Quest and an adventuring motivation. Pursuing these will give the character experience points.

Inspiration (used from episode 12) Edit

See also Inspiration.

Inspiration comes from flashbacks or other scenes that reveals more of a characters back story (often during a long rest).

Downtime Actions (used from episode 18) Edit

See also Downtime.

Each character gains one downtime action every time they return to the show. The downtime action can be used to gain a bonus in the nest session or improve Viriskali.

Travel (used from episode 22) Edit

See also Travel and Watches.

The party chooses between traveling with stealth, survival or athletics. They roll the appropriate skill and the result determines the number of travel actions they can take. Travel actions can be spent to gain bonuses, such as safe camping or faster traveling.

Books Edit

Books let the player ask the GM questions.

Oracle Edit

Ask the GM 1 question, then the GM will ask you N more:

  • What important characters or objects are present in the vision?
  • What emotions are present in the vision?
  • Is the vision near or distant?
  • What has happened leading up to this vision?
  • What will happen shortly after this vision?
  • For a stated course of action. does the vision predict weal or woe?

No filler words (Used in episodes 27&28) Edit

Every time the GM says a filler word ("like", "um", "uh", "you know") each player gains 1 gp.

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