Cheaminster Ruins
Terrain ruins
  • (SW) eight days journey from Viriskali
  • Unknown


The Cheaminster ruins lies about 8 days southwest of Viriskali. Hundred of years ago the region was occupied by a city build around a hold, Old Cheaminster, but now the city has turned into ruins. These days the area is mostly abandoned, but small segments of population still resides in the ruins.

Locations Edit

  • Cheaminster Hold: A dwarven Town rebuilt in the center of Cheaminster Ruins.
  • Periator: A human Town, allowing for a place to sleep and rest. The biggest feature being the Scriveners Tower, a library filled with useful information.

History Edit

Old Cheaminster used to be an abbey town that was isolated but adjunct to the court of the Queen in Gold, ruler of Ulskara. 

Maenor's End, a dreaded prison of the ancient kingdom, was located there.

When the Queen sent a lover who had spurned her to the prison his song progressively stole the breath from every citizen of Cheaminster and the land crumbled to dust.


Poe left a note warning of a ghoulish creature in the forest south of the ruins (encountered in Episode 21).

Past Events Edit

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