The Book of Night with Moon
Season 4, Episode 2
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Airing Date
5th of March 2016

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Story Edit

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Epilogue Edit

Hextia and Kellan stand in the yard behind her hut in the moonlight. As Hextia flips through The Book of Night with Moon Kellan gets a vision of a bottomless expanse of writhing and pulsating tendrils. Hextia orders a willing Kellan to hold out his hand. She stabs his hand with a wicked dagger and vials a bit of his blood. She pulls out a collection of small bones another vial with fingernail sized black eye balls in it. Humming and chanting she ties six eye balls to three crossed bones with hair and raises the fetish to the sky as a flock of ravens fly overhead. Hextia places the fetish over Kellan's neck and explains that the fetish will attract the curse's attention and a year from this day the curse will come to fruition upon the wearer of the fetish.

Key Events Edit

  • The party explores the entirety of the lower levels of the Scriveners Tower
  • The party completes a portion of Bardric's major quest (all that is needed to reserect Juliette is a portion of her body)
  • Kellan recieves a fetish from Hextia that will save him from the Black Cradle's curse for the next year.

Treasure Edit

The treasure was collected from the dead bodies of the scriveners as the party acends from the depths of the tower. The

  • 1700 copper pieces
  • 600 silver pieces
  • 60 gold pieces
  • 90 gold pieces worth of gems, (Azurite, Blue quartz, 2x Eye agate, Hematite, Lapis lazuli, Rhodochrosite, Tiger eye, and Turquoise gems)
  • A small silver chime
  • An unknown liquid potion
  • Apothecaries vial with a translucent ooze swimming in a mint green liquid taken by Donald
  • The Book of Night with Moon that was given to Hextia

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 3850 experience points. Divided by four: 963 experience points per player.

  • 1000xp for killing the shadows
  • 50xp for killing the scrivener
  • 2800xp for completing Bardric’s major quest

Trivia Edit

  • Kellan is no longer "A MAN!!"
  • "Well done, you all survived. most disappointing." - Steven 2016

  • "The Black Cradle must always have an occupant... There will always be a cradle." -Hextia

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