The depths of the Scriveners Tower
Season 4, Episode 1
RollPlay The West Marches Week 31 Part 154:34

RollPlay The West Marches Week 31 Part 1

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27th of February 2016

Episode 30


Episode 32

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Story Edit

Continuing from episode 30. Where the group are in the Scrivener's tower cryptically inquiring about "The Book of Night with Moon" by asking for books about the night and moon. We return to the episode as the escort scrivener at the entry of the tower request the party to remain in the entry as he is heading back into the tower.

Freki quickly sends her imp after the scrivener to follow him and report back his actions while the party waits in the entry. The imp tells Freki the scrivener went to the second floor of the tower retrieved some books and returned without communicating to anyone.

The scrivener returns and beckons the group through the large first level where Bardric notices there are scriveners with three different types of outfits: Completely black robes, black robes with a red stole vestment and black robes with a white vestment. The scriveners with the red and white vestments also have silver chains around their waste going into a pocket. The scriveners with the white vestments also seem to be directing the non-ornamented with tasks. The group is lead to a smaller carpeted reading room with walls of books and a table. There are two other humans in the room that are perusing the books one woman in grey robes reading "Behavior of Cave Dwelling Mammals" and a man in leather armor perusing the bookshelves in the room.

The group is not able to get the scriveners to bring them the book they are looking for being cryptic so they ask for the book by name. The scriveners lie to them saying the book is not there even though Hextia assured them that it was in the scrivener's possession. The group is told by the man that the scriveners tower has levels below ground that contain books that are restricted from outsiders of the scrivener's order.

Bardric metal gear solid style sneaks off down to the 1st lower level where she finds a silver and iron geared door adorned with herbs and has a socket for a geometric key. She hides as a two scriveners a red and a white approach the door pulling out a gold geometric key to open the door and talking about the group asking for the specific book and how they need to assure its safety. Bardric is able to sneak after the two scriveners past the first door into a large circular room filled with stacks of demonology and devilry books. She continues to follow to the second level wooden door with a normal key hole that she is able to sneak through after the two. the 2nd lower level doesn't contain any books only two scrivener marble statues with a palm raised and two additional scriveners that join the other two she was following in the decent. As they descend the stairs to the 3rd lower level there is a sound that sounds like a combination of an organ, train, t-rex, and the like... that warns the threats that lie in the lower levels of the tower. The door to the 3rd lower level door is a flywheel that has a mural depicting a nude scrivener orgy with a sky opening above it that appears to be moving as it is looked upon that makes the viewer taste bile in the back of their throat. Bardric uses her inspiration to pass through the door undetected. She notices a silver bell ringing on this level that is a magical warding coming from both ends of the two directions of the split hall way each with a huge amount of doors 40 feet apart. The group of four scriveners are heading off to the right. Bardric decides she needs to collect the group to continue any further and heads back up the stairs using daggers and rope to leave the doors ajar and dimming the 2nd lower level by putting out torches.

The group attempts to head back down but fail a stealth check and Donald feigns looking for the bathroom and saves the group from getting caught despite splitting the group. The descending group starts checking doors to the right in the 3rd lower level and they all appear to be 10x10x10 rooms with sigils related to earth/stone/physical movement that are being prepared for something. The 11th door is locked and Freki has her imp open the door for them using his arm. The room contains 60ft pit with a mattress at the bottom and a ledge on the side that has a stone statue of a humanoid clothed in robes with the head and neck in mid explosion with masculine lips in the base of the neck opening. The group debates kissing the statues neck lips but decide against it. Room 18 is an iron door with a wood sign with a warning burned into it that reads "Do not open in the company of the sighted." The party moves on for now to a room (I missed the room number) that contains in the center a black pedestal atop which there is a small black box with images of thousands of bones on it. Bardric opens the box to find a black beetle inside that she takes and puts in her pocket. As she releases the beetle she senses a request for a target creature which confuses her. She directs the request to the right in the direction the four scriveners went and the direction they are heading. The beetle rips its way through her pants and heads in that direction in haste leaving the party behind. At room 43 the hears ahead of them a similar sound as the orgy door opening and they rush in to hide where they find an apothecary jar in the center of the room with a fist size translucent creature swimming within the jar. Freki's imp is sent out to observe as the four scriveners rush past helping on of them that has a bored hole in its face as they talk about needing to get him to an apothecary and expressing their confusion in how this could have happened. Freki attempts to take the key from the scrivener and they key screams as they run past.

While the group was looking through the first set of rooms Donald attempted to rejoin the group but gets caught in his stealth attempt but feigns being hungry where he is treated to a meal along with the other two guest in the reading room. Donald creates a note saying that the Abbot will be disappointed with the lack of selection of books making it appear as though he has left and convinces the male patron that he needs to be escorted to the lavatory allowing Donald to finally sneak off to join the rest of the part. When Donald is on the 1st lower level he hides as the group of 4 scriveners assist one another pass up stairs to help the wounded.

With the party reunited they decide to enter into room 18. They open the door but decide to send the imp in first. The imp enters the room and says "there is a cradle with a human child... I hunger..." and he growls. Kellan jumps in to action in defense of the child but instead is cursed by The Black Cradle where he is overcome by a black rage and crit attacks the human infant resting inside. Kellan's rage lifts after his act and he falls to his knees dropping his weapons. Bardric attempts to console Kellan as Donald investigates the cradle and the baby further. Kellan vows to punish those who are responsible for cursing him into committing this deed (potential start of major quest for Kellan.)

During the final break Skype took a shit and the episode ended early with no resolution.

to be continued....

Key Events Edit

  • Bardric escaped from the reading room and began exploring the Scriveners Tower.
  • After some time had passed he returned and the rest of the party, with the exception of Donald joined in on the exploring.

Treasure Edit

No treasure found.

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1104 experience points. Divided by four: 276 experience points per player.

  • 1100xp for navigating the encounters with the 4 scriveners.
  • 4xp for killing the baby

Trivia Edit

  • Scriveners devour knowledge and eat books "that's why there are cooking books" -Donald Bartholomew
  • Freki is into "magic sex"
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