Tusks in the water
Season 3, Episode 8
RollPlay The West Marches Week 28, Part 153:49

RollPlay The West Marches Week 28, Part 1

Date of Events
27 of October
Airing Date
14th of November 2015

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Episode 29

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Story Edit

During the downtime Laingus Vulmaatar spent much of the money he and his party earned last session on upgrading the blacksmith.

Tusk by putridcheese

by putridcheese

After meeting in Frelka's Tavern the party first set out towards Baldred. After they made camp, a mysterious black knight appeared. The knight did not speak, but sat around the campfire peacefully. However later in the evening when the party got attacked by flying snakes the black knight removed his/her helmet whereupon the flying snakes burned up and all party members except Donald went unconscious. In the morning only a black rose was left.

At Baldreds place the group negotiated the terms of the quest and set out to retrieve urn of everproducing water. They then traveled to the lake, borrowed a dingy and then rowed out towards the island. On the way they got attacked by a specter and two mistwraths, but the party prevailed and arrived at the island, who turned out to be a giant tusk, thirty feet in diameter. After climbing to the top of the tusk, Darius found an old man called Nathanius, a tree with a single apple and the urn of everproducing water. The rest of the party arrived and Freki charmed the old man. However, after a short conversation Laingus, convinced that the man conspired with the specters and is a demon, killed the man.

The party traveled back to Baldred and gathered the gold. They also received a vision about the black rose and Darius was promised a lesson in alchemy.

Key Events Edit

 * The party met the dark knight.

  • Traveled to the nearby lake.
  • Fought a specter and two mistwraiths in the lake.
  • Climbed to the top of the island, killed the old man and retrieved the urn.

Treasure Edit

  • The Black Rose
  • 75 gold each from the quest.
  • 10 gold from the no-filler-words-rule.
  • Apple Juice from the single apple, held by Donald Bartholomew.

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 775 experience points. Divided by four: 194 experience points per player.

  •  175xp for killing the flying snakes.
  •  200xp for killing the specter.
  •  200xp for killing the two mistwraiths.
  • 200xp for completing the quest.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time the oracle rules has been used.
  • Donalds absence of 23 episodes, or almost 5 in-game months, is the longest this far on the West Marches.

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