The Boys are back in Town
Season 3, Episode 7
RollPlay The West Marches Week 27, Part 157:10

RollPlay The West Marches Week 27, Part 1

Date of Events
Airing Date
24th of October 2015

Episode 26


Episode 28

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Story Edit

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Key Events Edit

  • Meet up with Hextia and accept her quest to kill the Gobbelins and secure the Charm.
  • Traveling north into the woods, they encounter a peryton. Orian passes out, but gets stabilized.
  • Through an unlucky roll, encountering another peryton - it's mate. With Orian still knocked out, they overcome the threat.
  • After even more ridiculous encounter rolls, the third peryton - it's child - finds its way to the party. With Orian still passed out, they overcome the threat through insane luck and tactical clever positioning.
  • Also encountered a ghostly party consisting of a spectre and a shadow aswell as a group of five flying snakes which, much like the perytons, was vanquished fairly "easily".

Treasure Edit

  • 300 gp, for extincting the Peryton threat that has been terrorizing the Central Elin plains and its citizens.
  • 37 gp each, for Stevens new rule of rewarding each player with one gp, everytime he uses a filler word. 
Randy boyz and one gril by markatron2k

from @Markatron2k

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1775 experience points. Divided by four: 444 experience points per player.

  • 450xp for each of the three perytons they killed.
  • 100xp for the shadow.
  • 200xp for the specter.
  • 125xp for the flying snakes.

Trivia Edit

  • This Episode features the Original cast of Rollplay: Legacy and Rollplay: Solum. Only that Koibu takes the place as a player with his previous players in the earlier campaigns and ItmeJP focuses on producing the show in the background.
  • This party has been the most effective lvl 1 Party in the West Marches yet, having defeated an unbelievable amounts of strong monsters, overcoming incredible odds.
  • The party wiped out the entire Peryton threat in the Central Elin plains after killing all three Perytons. There was an 8% chance to encounter a Peryton instead of any other creature and managed to encounter all three of them.
  • Many jokes and wordplays that reward long-time listeners with a good laugh.
  • The party is known as "Randy's Boys and one grill", an omage to the original group in Rollplay: Legacy that has been known across Solum as "Bregors Boys".
  • Steven instituted a new rule, that for every „Erm“, „Uhm“ and „like“ the party will each receive one gold piece. By the end of the session the party has been given 37 gold pieces each.

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