Limericks and Barrow Specters
Season 1, Episode 2
RollPlay One Shots - The West Marches Week 2, Part 157:42

RollPlay One Shots - The West Marches Week 2, Part 1

Date of Events
8th of May, two weeks after events of Episode 1
Airing Date
15th november 2014

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Story Edit

Two weeks have passed, since some intrepid adventurers departed Viriskali to investigate a man-eating bear attack in Castow and managed to find the missing huntress alive, though quite distraught.

Seeking glory and coin a new group of adventurers, led by Sir Douglas, has decided to hunt down some diseased thugs plaguing the Central Elin Plain, bringing the head of their leader as proof to claim the 50 gold reward.

Heading south the party arrives at the town of Nala, where a juggler by the name of Anof points the group to the Fore House (a gambling establishment), whose owner provides information about the location of the thugs' hideout. Moreover our adventurers are warned to avoid at all costs the Harllud Barrows, for no-one who enters ever returns.

Departing Nala our group travels south, avoiding a group of hollering men and women pursuing deer, using only daggers and swords. A straggler of this hunting party falls prone, rushing to his aid Carla and Sir Douglas discover this man is not only dead, but horribly bloated. When realization dawns, fist-sized maggots explode from the corpse's belly showering both good samaritans with unknown disease ridden fluids.
The west marches by sebastianhenke

The Most Valuable Party by Sebastian Henke

After some impromptu cleaning and following forest trails, our adventurers camp close to a small water source and head the next day directly into the Harllud Barrows.

Entering the barrows, our adventurers quickly realize they are walking in circles, for no matter the direction taken a giant black stone spire was constantly in view. From this spire three specters materialized to assault the group, with cries of "The King, the king...". A desperately close battle ensued resulting in the annihilation of the party.

Their souls now serve the Barrow's King.

Key Events Edit

  • Found town of Nala.
  • Entered the Fore House in Nala.
  • Witnessed unsettling group of deranged hunters chasing deer barefoot.
  • Showered in maggots (accidentally) from a diseased corpse.
  • Found the Harllud Barrows.
  • First encounter with Specters.



None, since they all died.

Trivia Edit

  • Gilly crit a survival roll in a dying party only to be knocked back down.
  • The party got TPK'ed after being confronted by 3 Specters, dying with only one spectre left on 6hp.
  • First TPK of the West Marches.
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