Kurthak's Memory Lane
Season 2, Episode 8
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Date of Events
15th of August
Airing Date
27th of June 2015

Episode 17


Episode 19

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Story Edit

Kurthak marches once again.

Downtime Edit

Kurthak traveled to the Aerlond Empire and reported he lost the heir and she is presumed dead. After some time in prison he returned to Viriskali. He started a small altercation with Elleth Salte trying to rendezvous with Kellan. Kurthak asks where Juliette is, as if he hadn't witnessed her death...

When confronted with both Kellan and Shaldrick recalling previous events he dismisses facts outright. Believing even that Maldrik is alive, that he survived and killed the owlbear all by himself.

Meanwhile Shaldrick was doing some hard work in town and gained 14gp. Bardric trained during three days and invested in the Library. Kurthak trained with the Captain's guard and bought a house for 500gp.

In Frelka's Tavern Edit

The crew meets up and decides to investigate the awakened plants in the Starkwald.

The only information the group has is that a group of loggers working in the Starkwald have all been murdered.

On the first day Edit

Kurthak leads the way north, but upon reaching the edge of the Starkwald Kellan realizes he doesn't know where the logging camp is... So Kellan decides to inquire back in Viriskali, after all it should only take two hours.

Despite being an easy trek he manages to get lost and on the way to Viriskali he finds a new location. Kellan sees seven giant statues (30 feet tall) made of ancient slate in a circle. One of the statues is broken in half, vertically, the other statues all have a desiccated corpse pinned to it with iron bars.

Kellan senses an undead nearby (~4 miles) but decides not to investigate. Heading straight to town, there Kellan learns the logging camp's location and returns to the group in horseback.

Heading to the loggers camp Edit

The group now complete finds carts and tents in a heap on the ground. Investigating further Kellan detects the presence fey creatures several miles away and Shaldrick finds a small letter from a woman named Thilde, adressed to a man - Phomas.

The letter describes how Thilde found a stand of ironwood, only it is sacred to a group of elves called the Scions of Rhyllok. It also mentions an elven contact in the Scions that could broker a deal.

Searching further Kellan notices a well traveled path heading north and some plant-torn ground to the NE and NW of the camp. Shaldrick searches inside a tent and finds a small ironwood bar with a leaf stamp.

Since no-one knows the significance of this leaf stamp they continue north, until they spot another set of plant-torn ground much like the ones in the logging camp.

Kellan recognized the tracks as those of awakened plants: some small, some medium-sized and one huge creature. Bardric spots some mounds with ground and leaves and believes the creatures to be evil vine blights.

Somewhere in the Starkwald there are mounds with eyes Edit

The party engages all five vine blights and after a short battle they are victorious.

Later in camp Kurthak has a conversation with Kellan about waiting for a friend he met in prison, though he doesn't know anything about him, nor is he sure that he is real... This (imaginary?) friend prophesied that Kurthak would bring doom upon Viriskali.

In the morning Edit

Kellan continues heading north until he realizes they are walking in circles. However since he is a ranger he understands the forest and could not be lost as simply. Kellan leads everyone into yesterday's campfire to prove they are under a spell and cannot leave the Starkwald.

Key Events Edit

  • Kellan found a circle of giant slate statues, sensing an undead nearby. (3 miles W of Viriskali)
  • Another mention of the Scions of Rhyllok, who Kellan was tasked to find by his father.
  • Bardric drew the location of some awakened vine blights in the Starkwald (8 miles NE of Viriskali).
  • Currently walking in circles due to a magical effect in the Starkwald.

Treasure Edit

  • Loggers Coin: 24 gold, 17 silver
  • One ironwood bar with a leaf stamp.
  • Leaves from awakened plants.

 Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1150 experience points. Divided by four, 287 experience points each.

  • 500xp for killing vine blights.
  • 450xp for marking the location of the vine blights on the map.
  • 200xp for marking the location of the corpses on the map.

Trivia Edit

  • Extended episode, the story will continue next week.
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