Bardric Returns
Season 2, Episode 7
RollPlay The West Marches Week 17, Part 101:04:22

RollPlay The West Marches Week 17, Part 1

Date of Events
11th of August
Airing Date
13th of June 2015

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Episode 18

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Story Edit

Bardric reunites with Kellan and two other murder-hobos.

Grigori, Kellan and Galahan stayed in town for 11 days, three of those spent in training. Grigori did nothing but live like a baron (cost: 16gp).

Kellan went on a shopping spree, buying fancy clothes, a saddle, horse feed, a tent, and two gifts for Elleth Salte (an intricate holy symbol of Hverra and perfume). Living comfortably he had living expenses of 22 gp.

Galahan wanted to buy a war-horse, but had second thoughts at the cost (400 gp). Meanwhile he also reflected on his Oath and what it would mean for his next battles. He also lived comfortably for 22 gp.

Bardric was away for 71 days! She tried to pursue her musical career, but had to return to adventuring. Bardric performed in taverns and earned a total of 71 gold. Deciding to live modestly and being very fiscally responsible she managed to save 3 gp of her work pay.

In Frelka's Tavern Edit

Everyone meets and plots their next adventure. Grigori never met an halfling, but after an explanation he accepted Kellan's little friend. Kellan proposes they try to clear the Starkwald of awakened plants, but Grigori and Galahan prefer to finish Captain Koke's last quest of putting to rest the specter in the Elven Ruins' tomb.

On the first day Edit

Before leaving Viriskali Kellan recalls his meeting with Elleth Salte, the awkward exchange ends in a positive note with a quick kiss.

Later in the morning Grigori leads our group to the Elven Ruins, the entrance is surrounded by some small earth mounds, including one that crumbled due to hammer blows.

The party approaches the entrance warily, Kellan senses the presence of undead and a very faint scent of dragon... Galahan sees a green foot and leg and descends the stairs which results in him being accosted by three wolves and one dire-wolf.

Galahan is surrounded at the foot of the stairs and bitten badly so he backtracks to the top. Creating a choking point the team fends off against regular wolves, while the dire-wolf stays in the back. Two wolves are roasted after oil is tossed and set on fire.

The dire-wolf is the last one standing and is now menacing Galahan. After a series of slashes, thrusts and spells there's a large howl by Kellan as the dire-wolf is slain.

Entering the tomb Edit

Galahan is bandaged by Grigori and everyone steps into the granite antechamber. A familiar room is presented, including a "dragon head" with smoke pouring out, a door to the right with a warning of: "Kuthar's bane, enter not" and a door to the left. There are gobbelin corpses, partially eaten and one dead wolf at the front dais.

Dr. Grigori posits that this presumed elven ruin, may not be elven, since its dragon head may indicate a dragon worshiping cult.

Opening the antechamber's left door Edit

Kellan notices a creature stuck in the ceiling with glinting eyes, a slug-like body and tentacles hanging above. Galahan "pokes" the creature, it falls screaming horribly to the floor.

This carrion crawler misses Galahan but hits Kellan. Fortunately his body resists the poisoned tentacles. Galahan ends it with a divine blow.

Grigori tries to clarify if Bardric is related to the dead gobbelins; she is not. Both rooms in the hallway are effectively empty (broken glass, empty chests, unused bedrolls).

Opening the antechamber's Kuthar's Bane right door Edit

Another familiar scene presents itself, a room with downwards stairs with a party of four descending. Bardric checks the alcoves and finds some copper coins and old bows and arrows interred with the corpses.

Checking a side room Galahan sees two dire-wolves with cubs. Grigori and Kellan do the old "light them on fire until they die" trick. Only the cubs die and the parents smash the door. Galahan lances both of them dead.

Inside the burial room, with cooked dire-wolf are some silver and blue electrum coins. These blue coins have an elven face in one side and on the other is a lizard. This reminds Bardric that there was an elven tribe that worshiped basilisks, making ritual hunts to catch these beasts.

Approaching a large rune-filled circle, Kellan realizes it is a circle of protection for undead, maybe even for one specific undead. Galahan steps inside the circle and a specter rises, it has the features of an elven woman without a face.

It evaporates when Dr. Grigori slings a powerful bolt. Searching the alcoves yields some silver. Galahan senses an undead creature nearby and everyone decides to rest and re-enter at full force.

At camp Grigori recalls a time where he was young and marched along with some other lads. In this dream Grigori saw a boy fall and tried to help him, for his troubles Grigori was whipped by a soldier. Grigori believes there is a moral, that helping the weak only gets you whipped and you have to take their burden.

Delving back they approach the end of the hall and see a black door with a image of a woman laying in a pedestal. Once again Galahan senses an undead nearby.

Opening this black door our prepared adventures notice a large shadow lying on the floor. This room has depictions of an elven woman running away from a many-legged lizard creature, another depictes the woman running and shooting an arrow at the beast, the last depiction has the woman being devoured by the now one-eyed lizard.

Everyone engages this over-sized shadow and with green flame, arrows and mockery it dies.

Inspecting the room they also notice a large gobbelin grasping tightly a large egg, that Kellan senses has a faint draconic aura.

Looting the room of treasure, Galahan picks up the egg, Grigori takes the elven skull from the coffin and Kellan acquires a magical bow.

Key Events Edit

  • Cleared the Elven Ruins Northeast of Town, missing only the basilisk head room.
  • Encountered and slayed a Carrion Crawler.
  • Slayed wolves, dire-wolves and the last specter haunting the tomb.
  • Grigori took an elven princess' skull from the tomb.
  • Galahan retrieved a dragon egg from the tomb.

Treasure Edit

  • Aarinadya: a fine heartwood bow with 3 extra strings and 14 arrows.
  • Two gobblets (200gp each)
  • Four gems for 210gp total
  • Coin: 100 copper, 32 silver, 7 electrum
  • Black dragon egg
  • Total haul: 617.7 gold, a black dragon egg, and Aarinadya

 Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1700 experience points. Divided by four, 425 experience points each.

Trivia Edit

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