Four Omelettes and a Funeral
Season 2, Episode 6
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Date of Events
4th of August
Airing Date
30th of May 2015

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Story Edit

Captain Koke, Death-sworn and ShialBaz the death-touched reunite.

In Viriskali news arrive that all sort of eggs, chicken eggs, lizard eggs, etc.. are being stolen away by frog-creatures with wide mouths, from Castow and Nala.

Koke had a dream. Three pairs of eyes with vertical slits show him a scene. He hears a single word: Lepool

Koke and ShialBaz stayed in town 22 days, three of which were taken in training (to level 3). ShialBaz lived modestly while doing bodyguard work for Captain Koke, spending a total of 95 silver (19/2 gold pieces). Koke worked mostly in the town guard and lived comfortably.

We meet Peri, a magical bard that looks like a goddess incarnate... and Flurgle "the magnificent", a tiefling warlock with a fu-manchu mustache.

Koke invites Peri and Flurgle to investigate the egg thieves, ShialBaz also tagged along. Asking around Peri learns these creatures are Gobbelins, that they enter towns at night and steal babies to eat them.

West marches week 16 by liefington

Week 16 by Liefington

ShialBaz buys some potions from Elleth Salte: two potions of healing (for 50gp each). Peri asks Elleth for spiritual guidance, while praying together Peri sees a vision in the altar's water. A large black creature with a long neck, serpentine in nature wrapping itself around Peri's reflection.

On the first day Edit

Everyone heads to Nala. ShialBaz and Koke talk to an elven farmer and learn of Imroth, an egg farmer, while Peri coaxes this farmer's child to tell if she saw any magical creatures at night, she reveals another kid - Riko - saw a frog man jumping away...

Peri and Flurgle go door to door, asking for Riko. Peri knocks and encounters a bear of a man more interested in flirting than in helping out.

Koke and ShialBaz go directly to Imroth's egg farm, where Imroth is adamant about nothing ever getting stolen... Koke notices a spot that Betsy - a hot chicken - is actively avoiding. Investigating further he notices a 2 feet diameter hole behind a chicken rooster. Koke has the idea of following down/around the "rabbit hole".

Meanwhile Peri hears Riko's story first hand, about a green frog-man sneaking away with some eggs, heading northwest. After Koke and ShialBaz cover up the hole outside the fence, Imroth thanks them with 8 gold.
In a hole in the ground there lived a gobbelin by liefington

"In a hole in the ground there lived a gobbelin" by Liefington

Heading NW to investigate Peri's lead, she scouts ahead and finds three broken eggs. Hours later following the trail of feathers and broken eggs, they spot some low mounds of piled up earth, each having a hole like in Imroth's egg farm. These mounds surround another larger mound (300 feet x 400 feet), that has a stone entrance in the SE side, as well as mist rising out of its entrance.

Flurgle peruses his book: The Lifestyle and Habits of the Modern Gobbelin, recalling that gobbelins live in large underground complexes with two or three entrances, that link to each other. Noting also that while travelling or setting up a more permanent complex each gobbelin creates a small mound to house itself, until the complex is fully constructed.

Koke decides to collapse the first mound he sees and a burly gobbelin crawls out of the destroyed mound.

Closing in with this burly gobbelin, Peri stabs it with her sword, Flurgle misses with his crossbow, ShialBaz zaps the air around the gobbelin.

Four more smaller gobbelins surround the party stabbing with their rock scimitars and shooting their shortbows. Peri thunderwaves one gobbelin to death, Koke and Flurgle miss terribly. ShialBaz hides behind Flurgle. Gobbelins swing at Peri and Koke for minimal damage.

Peri deals the burly gobbelin a shocking end, Koke disintegrates a small gobbelin's head, Flurgle blasts another to oblivion. A single enemy remains and it runs inside the large mound's entrance.

After a quick frisk of the bodies, everyone heads back to Viriskali.

On the next day Edit

Scoutwear by liefington

Appropriate scoutwear by Liefington

After a good night's sleep everyone returns to the gobbelins' mounds, noticing yesterday's bodies were dragged into the central mound.

Peri vanishes and investigates the central mound for hidden entrances, finding none she returns and decides to scout inside this large mound, while wielding no weapons and armor, only her fancy attire.

ShialBaz pronounces "That will be the last we see of her". Inside Peri notices a layout very similar to the one of some previously explored Elven Ruins, only this time there are four gobbelins cooking eggs in the antechamber. We also learn that the large statue head directly across the entrance represents a basilisk, not a dragon.
Omelette Eggs-travaganza by markatron2k

Omelette Eggs-travaganza by markatron2k

Additionally Peri spots four gobbelin corpses heaped to a side, dead by bolts, magic and rapier/hammer blows and also sees three gobbelin bodies lying in front of the basilisk's mouth, but they appear unharmed.

Peri backtracks to the party, they start discussing the situation's morality. Koke replies there is no moral dillema, it's just a job. Peri wanted to ask them to stop further stealing. ShialBaz offers that they (the group) are the bad guys here, since: "If you examine the scenario objectively, we did come into their area, bash their shit, start fighting them and now we're coming in to steal their food".

A decision is made, to kill them all. Koke mimics a goblin voice, with his Prestidigitation spell. A gobbelin comes around the corner and is attacked by Koke, he screams and his friends come running.

Peri thunderwaves the four gobbelins, they all die. The group is inside, noticing a door to the right has a sign: Kuthar's bane enter not, they decide to go for the left door. Peri scouts ahead and stares down four gobbelins, reflexively killing one as it runs away. Only one hits Peri, which promptly heals back. Koke drinks a bottle of alcohol and gains False Life (d4+4 temporary HP).
Wall dickbutt by Liefington

Wall drawing by Liefington

Peri gets hit again and decides to meditate in a corner for four hours. ShialBaz also thunderwaves and two gobbelins fly away lifeless. Flurgle tries to hit the last foe with eldritch blast, but only hits the wall, drawing a dickbutt on the wall, ShialBaz misses with a small fire orb drawing another dickbutt. Eventually it dies, after a lot of terrible misses.

Resting for a bit Peri opens a chest and finds some common clothes, alchemist supplies, three daggers and some small coin.

Captain Koke decides to open the door marked with a warning sign. Besides a cold gust of wind, nothing strange happens. Peri thinks about going through the basilisk's head, but an inner voice tells her otherwise. Koke pulls one of the gobbelin corpses out of the dais and tries to understand how it died...

Opening its gobbelin mouth Koke sees its tongue is swollen and black/purple colored, he concludes these gobbelins choked to death on their own tongues.

Peri sneaks through the right door, going downstairs she spots a warding seal or perhaps a protective runic circle. An elven woman lies across the seal, pale face with a hint of blue, although obviously dead she appears strikingly elegant.

Before that however Peri hears gobbelin sounds coming from inside another room. With everyone ready to ambush them Koke mimics gobbelin noises and bashes the unfortunate soul that peeks outside. Peri electrocutes him for good measure.

Flurgle tries to "mind trick" a gobbelin, to no avail. ShialBaz finishes the last two with thunder. Inside this burial room are coffins in the walls and a large egg, from an emu.

Peri decides to retrieve and properly bury this elven lady. After burying her, Peri picks up an heart-shaped locket with the name Valisilwen. Koke then decides they need to explore the rest of the ruins. After crossing the protective runes a Specter and a Shadow attack Koke. This specter tries to siphon our Captain's life-force. Everybody runs for their life, Captain Koke stays behind until ShialBaz can retreat. This action gives new purpose to the party! Flurgle and ShialBaz blast the shadow with their spells.

Wisely our adventurers go home.

Key Events Edit

Treasure Edit

  • Heart-shaped locket, inscribed inside is Valisilwen.
  • Chicken coop reward: 8 gold.
  • Coin: 30 gold, 7 electrum (worth half a gold piece each), 57 silver, 130 copper.

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1100 experience points. Divided by four, 275 experience points each.

  • 300xp for killing the gobbelins outside.
  • 200xp for killnig the gobbelins inside.
  • 200xp for killing the gobbelins in the room.
  • 300xp for killing the gobbelins downstairs.
  • 100xp for killing the shadow.

Trivia Edit

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