Chased by a Lizard
Season 2, Episode 5
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Date of Events
29th of July, morning after events of Episode 14.
Airing Date
23th of May 2015

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Episode 16

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Story Edit

Our monster slaying quartet continues its investigation.

Heading northwest on this first day, Kellan notices a bunch of cut boards and a wet bundle of cloth. He enlists the help and courage of a party member to investigate this mystery bundle.

Kellan manages to find some cart remains, boards, wheels, a few silk bundles and an horse's hunch. Grigori uses his medical knowledge to identify teeth marks on the remains.

Lastly Kellan tries to get a clue from four paw footprints. It looks like a lion's paw, if this lion had hands instead of claws. Furthermore this creature appears able to fly.

Grigori takes a guess that the creature is a griffin, but there are no certainties. Kellan takes another look and realizes it is not a griffin, it is a manticore, a legendary creature with a lion's body, wings of a bat and a huge stinger for a tail.

They decide to head in the general direction of the mountains. In the late afternoon, after they enter the Udridge North Fork, Grigori spots a stone building with campfire smoke coming out, Darius goes to take a sneak peek, he notices the front entrance is missing a door but has a red cloth hanging.

When Darius was meaning to come back he hear a twig break, behind him is a big man, covered in green scales with a lizard head, wielding a club and a shield.

This lizardman hits Darius with both club and its thorny shield, Darius recognizes the better part of valour and runs away. He has 500 meters to go before reaching his friends.

Heroes against lizardmen by markatron2k

Heroes against lizardmen by markatron2k

Lizardman hits Darius with two obsidian head javelin, downing him, but in the next breath he moves again fueled only by adrenaline. Meanwhile everyone else is still running to meet Darius halfway.

Darius feeling exhausted hides behind a boulder and tries to sneak away unsuccessfully. Lizardman calls for reinforcements. Galahan screams in draconic: "You're dead!", while the advancing lizardmen say: "Your flesh will feed our beast!". Everyone continues to run, Kellan has a shot, with Grigori's guidance and murders the leading lizardman.

Seeing their dead comrade the creatures turn tail and run, Grigori heals Darius slightly. Kellan and Galahan give chase back to the ruined building, followed by the other two.

When Kellan and Galahan are still some 200 feet away from the lizardmen's den, six figures leave the house, one of them with a red head crest shouting to its warriors.

Both parties rush each other. The red-headed lizardman shouts a word of power and eight giant lizards (not lizardmen), the size of mastiff hounds, spring from the ground.

Kellan scars himself and tries to invoke his Spirit Guardians spell, feeling only an emptiness in his groin. Instead he shoots the lizardman shaman.

Javelins fly towards Kellan and Galahan, only one finding purchase, inflicting a small wound. Shaman shouts another word of power creating a jungle-like plant growth, making terrain extremely difficult.West marches week 15 battle scene by markatron2k

Kellan snipes the shaman and with his life ended his conjured lizards vanish. Grigori launches a green meteor that vaporizes one of the lizardmen. His friends hurry forward, shouting: "Gilgama come aid us!"

Soon the legendary monstrosity flies in the direction of the battlefield, Kellan and Grigori try to dissuade this cat-like abomination that they need not fight, including a mention of a Ceaseless Hound, by Grigori.

Gilgama does not immediately swoop down... meanwhile five ill-equipped lizardmen come from inside. Gilgama has a change of heart and flings some tail spikes at Galahan. Kellan tries to land the flying abomination. Grigori applies a Guiding Bolt to its face making Gilgama easier to hit.

Galahan orders a lizardman to Flee and intimidates Gilgama with the promise of retribution from the Serpents of Woe. Gilgama flees as well. Darius whiffs against it.

After the wounded manticore flies away the party faces down nine lizardmen running towards them.

Lizardmen are getting massacred, three cry out something about their eggs, Grigori yells: "No survivors", Kellan decides to chase the wounded Manticore, using his tracking ability and his Hunter Mark. At this point the party splits up.

Moping up the battle is our doctor and paladin, while our ranger and rogue pursue the manticore.

It is dark inside the ruined building, but Grigori used his Light spell and with Galahan found the missing silk bolts and murdered every last lizard-folk, not finding any eggs but a lot of treasure.

Meanwhile Kellan and Darius track the manticore hiding behind a boulder. Kellan only asks of Darius to let him be the one to kill the monster. Darius finds a weak spot and slays it. Kellan was pissed because he wanted to sacrifice it to The Wounded Wretch.

Everyone reconvened in the ruined building and there was much rejoicing along with some salted lizard eggs.

Key Events Edit

  • Encountered manticore tracks and Gilgama, the monster itself.
  • First encounter with lizardmen.
  • Darius was chased for ~500 meters by a lizardman.
  • Learned of a new Ascendant - Ceaseless Hound.
  • Committed genocide to a small family of lizardmen.

Treasure Edit

  • Dire-wolf cloak (Galahan)
  • Manticore skinning:
    • Manticore face-mask (Grigori)
    • Manticore studded? leather armor (Darius)
    • Manticore spike (Kellan)
  • Light hammer of Warning (Grigori)
  • Quest: 50 gold (for each character)
  • Coin: 2200 copper, 1000 silver, 90 gold, 8 gems (50gp each)

 Experience Edit

Total party experience: 2500 experience points. Divided by four, 625 experience points each.

  • 450xp for killing the shaman.
  • 600xp for killing the six lizardmen.
  • 300xp for killing the six civilian lizardmen.
  • 700xp for killing the manticore.
  • 450xp for completing their quest.

Trivia Edit

  • Most lucrative haul in the West Marches yet. (812 gold + 1 magical weapon).
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