Leper Squad
Season 2, Episode 3
RollPlay The West Marches Week 13, Part 150:12

RollPlay The West Marches Week 13, Part 1

Date of Events
16th of July, after events of Episode 12.
Airing Date
26th of April 2015

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Episode 14

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Story Edit

West Marches lepers recruit another poor soul.

In the downtime, our Doctor lived modestly and earned his keep by treating some patients, while Varani and Shaldrick lived wretchedly. Varani did unsavory things to survive while Shaldrick did manual labor.

Our three lepers band together with a new boy, Lucas Baker a spell-caster (warlock). Grigori instructs Lucas on the fate of the previous young boy they took in tow, but remains steadfast on his decision.

When Lucas leaves the tavern's table, for a split second, he looks much smaller and younger...

The squad's mission is to retrieve a recipe to cure leprosy, in the town of Flederhind, which they have yet to find.

Grigori leads the party unerringly northwest, during two watches. In the morning Grigori is playing the balalaika and singing a sad song about a woman and her son being attacked by soldiers ending with the son being taken.

Once again Grigori leads the jolly lepers and boy through the forest. In the middle of their trek they encounter something...
Leper squad by markatron2k

It was non-human blood and elk tracks that trampled through some plant creatures. The party decides on going the opposite way. During the night we learn about Varani's druidic ways.

Since our adventurers were two days NW of Viriskali they search the general area. Varani notices moccasin feet tracks, but the rest of her party is unsure in following them. Shaldrick takes half an hour to climb a tree and notices smoke directly to the NW.

Lucas notices a discrepancy in the tracks, one set is one day old, but the others are much older. Also all tracks were made by feet of the same size.

Heading out they enter a clearing and are approached by elven archers. After a quick exchange by Lucas (who doesn't know the party is looking for a leprosy cure) they gain entry to Flederhind.

Their escort Mathrondir informs them that their herbalist Alalmos has a recipe to cure disease. However he vanished 5 days ago and has not yet returned.

Mathrondir offers to speak with their leader in the morning. After noticing there are few children in this small settlement they go to bed in a room with some cradles. During the night we learn that Lucas does not eat rabbit meat. Lucas imparts secretly to Grigori that he sees rabbits looking at him,even when they are skinned or maimed.

In the morning of the fourth day, Mathrondir leads our group to a well groomed garden. In this garden is Galabriet a red-haired druid. Varani, a fellow druid, has an animated talk with this elven druid.

Varani discovers that Mathrondir and Alalmos were the founders of Flederhind. Also after spinning a story about how their town is afflicted by disease, this helpful druid offers to cure the condition of any afflicted who can come to her...

Furthermore she claims this cure is free... if Alalmos doesn't return to town. Grigori and Shaldrick persuade the druid to cure their leprosy before carrying out this deed.

Meanwhile Mathrondir and Lucas head to Selladil, a tailor. Inside there is a giant spiderweb overhead with fist sized shaphire spiders constantly spinning silk. Lucas buys a violet cloak for 5gp. As Lucas leaves he hears Selladil ask if his pets are hungry and then the sound of wood scraping on wood.

Grigori and Shaldrick gather information about Alalmos whereabouts. While also gathering the elves are quite racist to humans. They hear rumors about a lover in the woods and that he should be looking for materials to purify a corrupted water stream.

They tuck in for the night. Shaldrick has a conversation with his brother, a bit too loud for secrecy. Grigori claims he also hears voices from the dead and advises Shaldrick to not let it consume him.

Morning of the fifth day comes and Galabriet heals all of our lepers. Varani and Shaldrick ask more about Alalmos and learn that Galabriet finds the stream purification an abomination against nature... "If Nature poisoned the stream then perhaps it is time for Flederhind to move".

Our former leper squad leaves to track Alalmos. Heading southeast they follow a small stream, pass through a week-long campfire, until they hear sounds of crying. Investigating further, Shaldrick scouts in the shadows and sees a willow by a brook, with its tree trunk "exploded". By the water is an elven man, crouching and weeping.

Shaldrick recognizes the scene, it is the last resting place of the Willow that he and a previous group killed. After positioning himself behind Alalmos, the rest of the group greets him. He agrees to hand in a recipe for a cure disease potion, but not for less than 50 gold. Grigori loses the little patience he had and stabs him.

A bloody and scorching melee ensues, ending with Shaldrick's killing blow. First words were: "Goddamnit Grigori". Mood improved greatly after looting the herbalist's gear.

Calling it a day, our murderhobos returned to Viriskali, but not before Grigori made some "pheasant" stew (actually elven meat).

Murder hobos by markatron2k

Key Events Edit

  • Found settlement of Flederhind.
  • Encountered racist elves.
  • All lepers were cured.
  • Returned to the Willow's resting place.
  • Murdered Alalmos, an elven herbalist.

Treasure Edit

  • Fancy elven cloak, dyed violet - Lucas
  • 2 potions of healing
  • 1 potion of fog cloud
  • 6 potions of firebolt
  • Coin: 150 gold, 22 silver, 8 gems (50gp each)

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1350 experience points. Divided by four, 338 experience points each.

  • 450xp for killing Alalmos.
  • 450xp (?) for completing their goal.
  • 450xp (?) for marking the location of Flederhind on the map.

Trivia Edit

  • First episode where JP does not play, only produces the show.
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