Miracle by Moonlight
Season 1, Episode 10
RollPlay The West Marches Week 10, Part 150:22

RollPlay The West Marches Week 10, Part 1

Date of Events
2nd of July, morning after the events of Episode 9.
Airing Date
14th of Mars 2015

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Story Edit

Our party heads to an elven settlement after half-barbecuing a giant scorpion.

Kellan leads the way, skirting the treeline and head north towards the mountains. Shaldrick cannot take Julliete's improvised singing and casts Sleep, but it doesn't help, only Kellan falls asleep. Afterwards Kellan forages to save rations.

In the morning there is yet another thunderstorm, they travel from the hills into the foot of the mountain. Kellan tries to recall directions given from the beautiful Elleth Salte, but doesn't remember any words from the encounter. Later Kurthak recalls that they need to be "in the Starkwald, one day out of Viriskali heading NW".

Heading back they find a stone door with iron rings in a hidden crevice, 10 feet tall and 7 feet wide. Juliette opens the door, finds a small room with some supporting columns, a rusty knife and animal remains, and a door at the end of the room closing. Our adventurers don't go further in the room and set up camp, Shaldrick leaves his brother's corpse in the rain and scares his friends when he appears disguised as Maldrick. Juliette thinks about setting up a safe word, but nobody can decide on it.

On Juliette's watch she notices weird voices coming from the other side of the west and east walls (when the doors are north and south). Wakes up Kurthak who sits with his back against the open front door. Later he investigates a noise and finds a man-sized creature clawing at Maldrick's corpse. Kurthak notices the creature is very muscled and skinny with filed teeth.

Meanwhile Juliette wakes up Shaldrick and the wall voices grow louder and Shaldrick freezes. A fleshy extrusion starts squeezing through the wall cracks, an eye plops to the ground, henceforth named gibbering mouther. Juliette grabs Shaldrick out of the room and Kellan shuts the door, trapping the monster and all their belongings inside. The creature at the ledge manages to rip open the bag with Maldrick's remains, but it falls down the ledge in the process and is badly injured. The creatures at the bottom of the ledge turn out to be five ghouls. Shaldrick looks for a way to get down to Maldrick's scattered remains. Since all of his weapons are still inside the cave, Shaldrick unsuccessfully tries to steal Kurthak's axe. Kellan manages to drive off the ghouls.

Ghoul and bag by lieflington

Ghoul with Shaldrick's bag by Liefington

At this point the door seems to be shifting and oozing. Kurthak sparks a fire into life and tries to set fire to a stone door, with no change. Juliette opens the door and notices two gibbering mouthers, Shaldrick leaves an axe buried in one creature. The ground around each mouther becomes gooey and has the potential to trap anyone stepping in it. Juliette attacks one gibbering mouther, but while running is knocked prone.

Giberring mouther by Saltstachio

Gibbering Mouther consuming Juliette

While Juliette is prone, Shaldrick runs in fear to the ledge. Both gibbering mouthers attack and consume Juliette's body. Kellan leaves the scene, Shaldrick tosses the bag's silver tie to a mouther, who swallows it with no effect, Kurthak flanks a creature and with a monk technique pushes it off the ledge. Kellan shoots the remaining mouther, but cannot move. Kurthak tries a repeat performance, but it doesn't work. Shaldrick hits the monster with a ray-of-sickness spell. The gibbering mouth leaves Kurthak at 1 hp, but manages to punch it out of the ledge, killing it. The Wounded Wretch makes an appearance, she holds the gibbering mouther to her top left nipple and extracts a very small sized baby, the size of an apple with a silver necklace, out of the creature and then vanishes.

Ascendant night by cryse-d8pftoq

Ascendant Night by Cryse

Shaldrick retrieves his brother's skull, Kellan stares mystified about what he witnessed and passes out after a bried talk with Shaldrick. Kurthak retrieves their gear and leaves without a word. The next morning Kellan and Shaldrick realize that witnessing the Wounded Wretch's resurrection of one of her children gave them new arcane knowledge. An unique 3rd level spell each, but after using it they have to perform a sacrifice to replenish it. (Spirit Guardian and Animate Dead, for Kellan and Shaldrick respectively)

Juliette is dead. The party is over.

Ironheart Brothers Episode 10

Shaldrick feasting upon his rations after retrieving his brother's skull. The latter one scolds him for abandonning his bones - by captnradon

Key Events Edit

  • Maldrik's remains fell from a ledge and were chewed on by a ghoul-like creature.
  • A new location discovered near the mountains, north of the Starkwald.
  • First contact with gibbering mouths.
  • First PC death that didn't occur in the character's first session.
  • Second appearance by the Wounded Wretch.
  • Ascendancy can occur in the West Marches and two adventurers are now closer to it.

Treasure Edit

  • Kellan and Shaldrick marked for ascendancy.
  • New 3rd level spells for Kellan and Shaldrick.
  • Negative gain: money and items left behind in the mountain dungeon.

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1350 experience points. Divided by three: 450 experience points per player.

  • 900xp for killing the two gibbering mouthers.
  • 450xp for discovering a new location.

Since Steven accidentily gave them 100xp more than he should have last session they only actually got 350 each this session.

Trivia Edit

  • Beyond the Marches, an oracle named Julia prophesied death, and lo it came to be.
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