Discovered at the end of episode 31, the black cradle is a cursed magical object. Located in the 3rd lower level of the Scriveners Tower 18th room to the right behind a locked iron door with a wooden sign with the message burned into it reading "DO NOT OPEN IN THE COMPANY OF THE SIGHTED." The ornate cursed cradle is made of a black wood.

Properties Edit

Curses whomever looks upon it (charisma saving throw) with a black rage that compels the cursed to kill the baby occupant of the cradle. By killing the occupant of the cradle the person slowly has their age reversed back to infancy and at the same time the cursed are drawn back to the cradle to become the new occupant.

Past Events Edit

Kellan Wildlight becomed cursed by the cradle while attempting to save the occupant from Freki's imp that was cursed with the black rage as well. He killed the occupant and reverted from 19 to 15 years old before he and Hextia was able to stay the curse's effect with the use of a fetish. See the epilogue of episode 32 for more details.

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