Baharaditana by imrooniel

Baharaditana by Patryk Kowalik

Baharaditana by crysander

Baharaditana drawn by Crysander

The Dragon of Azamreth, known by a few individuals as Baharaditana, is a gigantic brass dragon. A wyrm-like machine made out of brass, growing everytime it consumes something of great power. Constructed in an age long forgotten, it is currently resting in Azamreth.

Trivia Edit

  • In the events of Episode 23, Poe, Galahan, Dr. Grigori and Lyra employed the help of Baharaditana to attack the Wizard in the Valley of Creation. In return the dragon would gain control of the Mud.
  • During Episode 24 this attack was carried out. While the adventures got hold of the wizards treasure, they also insulted Baharaditana and therein may have made a new enemy.

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