Aarinadya by markatron2k

Aarinadya by Markatron2k

Aarinadya, the basilisk slayer, was discovered by Kellan Wildlight on August 9, 677. It found within an elven woman's tomb during episode 17.

Aarinadya is fine heartwood bow with 3 extra strings and 14 arrows. Along the bow are elven runes naming it Aarinadya.

Properties Edit

A magical bow, that counts as Magical for the purposes of resistances and vulnerabilities.

Aarinadya quickens the bearer's senses when a Monstrosity is within bowshot (600'), increasing Speed by 5 and providing advantage on Perception and Athletics checks.

The weapon has 6 charges. The bearer can expend 3 charges to grant the next attack against a Monstrosity advantage. If you expend the last charge, roll 1d20. On a roll of 1, the weapon disintegrates and is destroyed.

Summary Edit

Magical bow (advantage* vs Monstrosity)

  • Monstrosity sense: +5 Speed, Advantage on Perception and Athletics
    • Range: 600 feet
  • Advantage vs Monstrosity: expend 3 charges for one attack
    • Charges: 6
    • On Depletion: 1 in d20 chance of weapon disintegration